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richard h. fulton, honorary chairman

mayor fulton's support of the foundation stadium campaign is evidenced in this video.

richard h. fulton -- former state senator, congressman and mayor -- is said to know nashville as well as anyone and east nashville like the proverbial "back of his hand."

before graduating east nashville high school in 1945, his paper route taught him the names of a large section of the eastside neighborhoods, and he can still tell you the addresses of his former customers house-by-house.

after his graduation, his patriotic fervor sent him to hurriedly enlist in the us navy before war world ii ended in the pacific theater with japan's surrender. back in nashville, he and his brother, lyle, started a small variety store business, then often referred to as a "five and dime," serving their neighborhood.

both were popular fixtures in east nashville, and in 1954, dick was elected to the tennessee state senate in place of his brother lyle, who had died shortly after receiving the democratic nomination for that post. fulton was sworn in on january 3, 1955. however, because he had not yet turned 30--  the age required for senators under the tennessee state constitution -- the senate voted to unseat him. he won the position again in 1956, and this time was of age and seated. he was reelected in 1958, but then left politics to begin a career in real estate.

in 1962 he entered the democratic primary for the nashville-based 5th congressional district against incumbent congressman j. carlton loser. in the august voting, loser was the apparent victor. however, the election was contested by fulton because of allegations of fraud and a judge ordered a rematch. fulton defeated loser handily, and won the seat in november.

fulton was reelected six consecutive times, although his support for civil rights legislation during the kennedy and johnson presidencies narrowed his victory margins in the mid-60s.

in 1975, he resigned from congress after winning his first of three four-year terms as mayor of the consolidated metropolitan government of nashville and davidson county.  he was recognized as a progressive mayor who revitalized a downtown area grown stagnant as the suburban areas thrived.

after his public service ended, he helped organize the bank of nashville and operated a successful lobbying firm. now retired at age 87, he lives with his wife, sandra, in the west end area. watch his video and at the end, you'll find how his memory hangs on strong.

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